ATC application form

Associated Tantra Center Application

  • Complete the following form to apply for the designation as Associated Tantra Center.
  • Tantra center director or owner's first name
  • This is the email we will use to get in touch with you
  • Date when the school started operating.
  • If your school has more than one location insert the address of the headquarters of your school.
  • In order to be consider as certified school you must have a website of your school.
  • Referals

  • Currently this designation is only accessible by referral of a current member of Tantra Federation. Kindly specify name of your referal/s and contact information.
  • Teacher's Background

  • Every associated center should have at least one Trainer Coordinator. This person is usually the owner or a senior teacher of the school responsible for the educational content provided to the students.
  • School's Background

  • Please type of main texts your school uses to teach Tantra and list the tradition or traditions you follow.
  • Regulations

    Your organization must agree to follow the code of ethics of Tantra Federation in order to be certified.
    Your organization must agree with terms of service and privacy policy of Tantra Federation in order to be certified.
  • Price: 50,00 €
    This fee will be refunded back to you in case your application is not accepted.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.